The "Lace Collaboration Series" consist of:

  • Homegrown Lace
  • Fantail's Lace
  • Tui's Lace

This collector's set will be issued with a certificate of authenticity, and the owner will receive behind the scenes footage and videos of how these one-of-a-kind artworks were skillfully hand-embossed by Ninette.

Read the story of how this special art collaboration came to be below

Artist Collaboration

Anna Mollekin Art

During one of the worst times in global history, COVID-19 Lockdown during June 2020, something beautiful was born...

I recently had the great honor to collaborate with Contemporary New Zealand Artist, Anna Mollekin.

Anna and I met virtually during June 2020 on a Facebook group featuring New Zealand Made products.

I fell and love with her gorgeous designs and reached out to propose an art collaboration. Anna agreed and we chose her beautiful "Lace" series for our collab.

"Homegrown Lace" was the first design in the series for me to recreate in metal.

This artwork was skillfully hand-embossed with love, and I enjoyed every moment of working with Anna's beautiful design.

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The Original Design

Homegrown Lace

This is a behind-the-scenes look of Anna drawing her ‘Home Grown Lace’ artwork at Port Charles in the stunning Coromandel Peninsula one Christmas.

It is most definitely one of her favourite places in the whole world to draw.

See it in Action

How I turned Anna Mollekin's "Homegrown Lace" design into a metal artwork

Now available for purchase

This exclusive hand-embossed artwork is now available for purchase. Only one available, act now.

My interview with Anna

Join me and Anna for a conversation about the inspiration behind "Homegrown Lace"

No 2 in the Series

Fantail's Lace

The 2nd design in our series was "Fantail's Lace ".

Open edition 'Fantail's Lace' [April 2020 - original pen drawing August 2018].

Anna's love of New Zealand inspired this artwork, and she wanted to celebrate our country and its beautiful flora and fauna.

New Zealand is the fabric of her being.
'Fantail's Lace' is a black ink, digitally drawn New Zealand contemporary artwork depicting a stylized Fantail bird among beautiful flora.

Fantail's Lace

Please visit Anna's website for products featuring this design

How I created "Fantail's Lace"

A sneak peek of me hand-embossing Anna's design

Available for purchase now

This exclusive hand-embossed artwork is now available for purchase. Only one available, act now.

No 3 in our Lace Series

Tui's Lace

The 3rd design in our "Lace" series is called "Tui's Lace"

Open edition 'Tui's Lace Two' [August 2018].

This artwork was inspired by Anna's daughter's lace dress and love for the New Zealand Tui and nature.

The lace is reflects the delicate and intertwined connection between the Tui and it's habitat.

Tui's Lace

Visit Anna's shop for products featuring this design

Embossing Tui's Lace

See how this design came to life while embossing it

Now available for purchase

This exclusive hand-embossed artwork is now available for purchase. Only one available, act now.

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Listen to Anna's recent Radio Interview

Featured on RNZ, August 2020

Listen to Anna Mollekin's interview where she shares more about her art and her recent collaborations that flowed out of sharing her work on a local Facebook group during Lockdown

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