Metal Coral Art


We recently spent our family holiday in the beautiful Bay of Islands - New Zealand.

My son and I enjoyed many hours snorkelling in the crystal clear water of this region, and were mesmerized by the variety of plants and coral we discovered underwater.

We love learning more about our natural environment, and were delighted to discover some cool facts about coral reefs we didn't know before!

Surprising facts about coral reefs:

1) Coral reefs make up a fraction of the ocean – less than 1% – but they provide a home to around 25% of all the world’s marine life. Over 4,000 different species of fish rely on coral reefs!
2) Corals are animals, not plants
3) Half a billion people rely on coral reefs for food as they are home to over 4000 fish species.
4) Coral reefs need sunlight to grow…Clear and shallow water is where coral reefs thrive: they generally grow best at depths shallower than 70 meters where sunlight can easily reach...but too much heat can be harmful.
5) Corals and algae have a symbiotic relationship but if the ocean gets too warm, corals expel their algae which causes them to turn white - a process known as bleaching. In a desperate attempt to survive increasing ocean temperatures, some corals have been shown to emit vibrant colours, a phenomenon which has led to the global Glowing campaign.
6) They act as a barrier during storms. Coral reefs play an important role in protecting coastal communities from storms and water surges. They act as a buffer and are able to slow down water flow as well as prevent coastal erosion.
7) Coral reefs clean the water they’re in

Metal Coral Art Process Video

A look behind the scenes to see how I created this piece

An invitation to discover more about nature

To me coral reefs are an invitation to look deeper at nature as a whole.

Even though we can’t see coral regularly, and they live below the surface, they provide food and protection for humanity.

It’s an invitation to make conscious choices about food packaging and supporting sustainable packaging as part of our daily living to protect our source of life.

Interior styling ideas with this piece

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