Metal Succulent Cactus Wall Art - Handcrafted in New Zealand


Original New Zealand-made metal succulent wall art, handcrafted in pewter and copper sheet.

Each part of this metal succulent piece was embossed by hand and cut out with a needlepoint tool before being placed in a larger arrangement.

Handcrafted pewter Metal Succulent Artwork


A Metaphor for Life

This pewter and metal succulent artwork was inspired by my dear friend Succulent Love and her gorgeous succulent collection.

During a coffee catch up recently, she started explaining how succulents are such a beautiful metaphor for life and how they are a great source of symbolism due to their longevity and ability to survive even in difficult conditions.

As Featured in Conde Nast House and Magazine UK

"Ode to Succulents" was featured in the ART EDIT edition of Conde Nast House and Garden Magazine, August 2022

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What Inspired this piece

In this video I explain what inspired this piece and what I have learned from these tough

little plants

What we can learn from succulents about thriving in adversity

Succulent Symbolism

"Ode to Succulents" was inspired by the way in which these tough little plants represent tenacity, endurance and growth.

Succulents naturally grow in regions that are considered uninhabitable by other plants, yet they thrive in extreme conditions.

These hardy little plants can reproduce new plants from the droppings of their leaves , and I learned that colour changes in succulents occur in reaction to extreme changes in their environment. It can bring forth beautiful rich red colours when it gets too much sun and heat.

When the plant is watered sparingly and is not receiving regular watering it starts to appear less green and you will notice it turning a different shade.

When they're not well fed and in poor soil without enough nutrients, you will notice colour changes in your plant.

They're a great reminder for us to persist through the tough seasons of life. We grow through our trials and tribulations.

Having determination and a positive attitude can help you succeed after enduring loss or grief.

Succulent plants do not avoid suffering, they adapt and eventually learn to THRIVE in adversity!

May this encourage you to keep going today. Beauty awaits on the other side of pain.

Art Process Video - How I created "Ode to Succulents"

Taking you behind the scenes to show I created this piece

Contemporary metal art for modern interiors

This round wall artwork consists of an arrangement of metal succulents and adds a touch of contemporary sophistication to interior spaces.

Metal succulent wall art

Unique Metal Succulent artwork

Made by in Tauranga, New Zealand.

Now ready for its forever home

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